Heart Necklace


Keep your loved ones close to you with this unique and personalized handmade stirling silver necklace. Stirling silver wire is wrapped around stirling silver heart with up to 8 swarovski crystals. A one of a kind gift for any mother or grandmother .
Personalize with months of parents, children, grandchildren..... or give as a wedding/anniversary gift to a couple with the two love birds birthstones. Even get the birth months of a friends children/grandchildren/husband etc..and have it made as a gift. If you need more crystals they can be added for an additional fee of $2.00 each stone.
No two hearts will ever look a like...you have a one of a kind piece of jewellry. Includes a 16" or 18" stirling silver box chain.

Here are the birthstones for the swarovski crystals:
January-Garnet (deep red)
February-Amethyst (purple tone)
March-Aquamarine (lt.blue)
April-Crystal (clear crystal)
May-Emerald (deep green)
June-Light Amethyst (light purple tone)
July-Ruby (red)
August-Peridot (light green)
September-Sapphire (blue)
October-Rose (pink)
November-Topaz (golden tone)
December-Blue Zircon (turquoise)

Please specify what months you need the stones in and if you want a 16" or 18" box chain. If you have any specific requests, please let me know. This will be mailed in a nice gift bag. If you want this to be mailed as a gift to a different address and want a card included, please let me know and I will hand write your message and include a card - for free! Just email your message and occassion. They will be very happy!

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